Sellers Faire in June



On Saturday June 10 the Sellers Faire will feature the Shred Truck. So bring all your documents down to the Faire and rid yourselves of all that paper, all of those documents with personal information on them, which you should not throw out.

You can have the men on the Shred truck shred them! There is no cost to you. Of course if you bring a truck load of documents….no promises that there will be no cost.

There are two ways to handle your documents. The first just drop off your papers and the guys will shred later. Or hand the papers to the guys and watch while they shred.

Just as an aside, the State of California has mandated that as of July 1 the Shred Companies will have to charge for the shredding of documents. However if the company has headquarters out of State, then they can continue to provide this service at no cost to consumer. So we have scheduled this service just in time!!

Also the drawing for a free pizza is back. When you come to the Faire, please do drop your name and phone number in the box for the drawing. The Deli owners make the most delicious pizzas and it is a great idea for a no cook evening!

We welcome new vendors. If you have a service, make great desserts, or have produce from your garden, or have beautiful handmade goods, please do give me a call with questions. I will answer and look forward to meeting you!

See you on Saturday June 10. The time is 9am to 12noon.

Tania Orlova, 760 877-8777.