Hidden Meadows Community Foundation news



Hidden Meadows Community Foundation President, Wendy Smith-Rogers, presents Certificate of Appreciation to Ellen Blakeborough for her tireless volunteer efforts.

Last month, the board of the Hidden Meadows Community Foundation (HMCF) presented a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the entire community to local resident Ellen Blakeborough.  Ellen was honored for her tireless work in abating weeds along Hidden Meadows Road and parts of Mountain Meadow Road.  In addition to filling garbage bags full of nasty weeds on an almost daily basis, Ellen often cleans up after other people’s dogs and picks up nails and other items that could cause injury to passers-by.  She also hangs American flags on the “Welcome to Hidden Meadows” sign on major holidays. She truly is an angel among us.

Speaking of cleaning up, the HMCF is grateful to the community for their patience with the median project. Our goal is to create an eye-catching first impression of Hidden Meadows that is both attractive and sustainable. The Median Beautification committee has met with several landscape architects and is in the process of reviewing the plans they have submitted. During the summer months, we will be making some final decisions about how to proceed and will begin the necessary prep work.  Actual planting will take place when the weather cools down a bit.

At this time, we have three community members on the Beautification Committee. If you are interested in helping us plan (no physical labor required!), please contact chairperson, Pat Reilly at pbreilly@gmail.com.