Summer is funner with the Women’s Social Group


By Linda Collins

It was a delightful evening!  Twenty-five wonderful women from Hidden Meadows gathered for food and friendship at the lovely home of Shelley Bauer.  The evening was warm, yet pleasant, as the group sat outside in Shelly’s verdant backyard. We shared some tasty dishes that ran the gamut from salads to dessert, from sweet to spicy, from healthy to decadent.  There was something for everyone.  I know my plate was full!

Hidden Meadows is such a great community and the Hidden Meadows Women’s Social Group is just one of the things that makes it so.  The group meets monthly, usually at the home of one of its members.  Some of the hosts have been creative, and have coordinated trips to wineries or restaurants.  Wherever we meet, it is always warm and welcoming.

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