Community garage sale a success despite the rain


By Jennifer Hill

Mother Nature did not do us any favors on May 6, the day of the Community Garage Sale.  The weather was nasty, but thanks to the great community involvement, we still had a successful turn out.  Forty-five homes signed up and only a few dropped out due to the rain.

I had heard that serious garage sale buyers will come out rain or shine, and that certainly proved to be true. The first shopper arrived at 7:30 a.m. as I was putting the maps out at the 4-way stop.   She said she was just driving home from work and saw the sign down by the AM/PM.    I saw cars pulling up at the 4-way stop all morning to get the maps before zipping off. The roads seemed alive with shoppers searching for their next great bargain.

Kudos to the sign makers and event volunteers! Lisa Nunez, Linda Shreve and Cherie Rogers made several brightly colored signs that were easy to see and directed shoppers into Hidden Meadows. I want to extend a special thank you to Linda Kennedy for all her advice, support, help and for advertising for the event.

The garage sale is one of the many activities coordinated through the Hidden Meadows Community Foundation. It is an annual event, and something we all look forward to.

So, if you still have overloaded closets or garages, don’t despair.  You’ll be able to clean out your excess treasures when next year’s sale rolls around.