Women’s Social Group is enthusiastic about changes at Boulder Oaks Bar & Grill


Every woman’s three favorite words? “Let’s Eat Out!” So, once a month our Hidden Meadows Women’s Social Group satisfies that craving by getting together for dinner. Usually meetings are hosted pot-luck style at the homes of group members. This month, however, rumors of the new Executive Chef starting at the Boulder Oaks Grill inspired members to hold November’s meeting there. Needless to say, the women’s group was a perfect audience — caring, appreciative, and anxious to encourage Chef Dennis in his efforts to make a successful launch of this longed-for local eatery.
All Hidden Meadows women are invited to join the Social Group at any time, and contact information is provided in the monthly Hidden Meadows News. A list of interested women is contacted, via an Evite e-mail invitation, to provide hosts with a likely headcount of expected guests. This month 16 RSVP’d that they “Be Thankful” to attend. Evidently, as scuttlebutt spread the suspense, last minute eager anticipation swelled our group to 22!
At 6:00pm sharp, everyone descended on the Boulder Oaks Grill, and Chef Dennis was ready and waiting for us, cool and confident, with a warm, friendly welcome to all. Extra guests? No problem! To add to the evening’s drama, at the last moment the chef had to operate short one crew member! No sweat! Chef Dennis was thrilled to have us and couldn’t wait to prove his own excitement for starting as new Head Chef at the Grill. He even suggested that in addition to the three posted specials offered for the night, we were also invited to order anything from the menu as well. Bring it on, ladies!
The Chef’s enthusiasm was matched by the women’s expectations, and a variety of dinner choices were ordered. The result was an impressive array of plentiful, flavorful dinners, priced to please. My dinner of chicken pesto, served with rice and mixed vegetables, was moist and delicious. My fellow guests around me seemed equally delighted with their choices.
Success for any neighborhood endeavor needs a sense of connection to the community, and the Women’s Social Group aspires to provide such a relationship. Now, with the approval of the Women’s Social Group, and courtesy of the skills of Chef Dennis, the Boulder Oaks Grill looks like a wonderful new attraction for our Hidden Meadows.
If you are interested in being added to the invitation list for future Women’s Social Group events, please send your full name, email address and telephone number to Linda Collins at hmwsg92026@gmail.com.