Tree Trimming

Trees to be trimmed

By Paul Schoos / Chair, HMCF Median Maintenance

As part of Hidden Meadows Community Foundation’s ongoing community beautification efforts, this month we will be trimming the four large Aleppo Pine trees bordering the golf course on the east shoulder of Mountain Meadow. 
The arborist will remove dead, crossing and undesirable branching, balancing the trees for best aesthetics and, most importantly, to promote ongoing health. Previously a fifth tree had to be removed due to disease and the hope is to avoid that fate for the ones remaining. The work has been scheduled for late in the month of August recognizing U. S. Fish & Wildlife guidance to minimize any impact on bird nesting schedules.
The project will take two days to complete and work hours will be between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM. During that time northbound Mountain Meadow between Hidden Meadows Road and Spruce Woodlands Way will be closed intermittently and traffic restricted to the southbound side. Traffic control will be on site to facilitate the closure and provide direction. The expectation is that any delays will be minimal and worst case should last no more than a minute or two. 
We ask for your patience and support for the crew helping to clean up our neighborhood.
Notification signs will be posted when the actual work dates are finalized.