Thank you, Hidden Meadows, for helping me make my dreams come true



My first article of 2017 isn’t about News Year’s resolutions to exercise or eat better, it’s to say THANKS to my Hidden Meadows family for helping me make my dreams come true.

In June of 2012 I had to make the most dif cult decision of my life: Do I take the early retirement package that Hewlett Packard generously offered or stay with the job, friends and security that I had known for 26 years? With loving support from my husband and a nudge from my guardian angels, I took the leap and set out on a path to follow my passion. To say the transition was easy would be a lie. In fact, I sought professional help to get me through some minor depression and the feeling of dread. I also went back to school to study Integrative Nutrition and exercise modalities on how to deal with the pain that happens as we get older.

I worked hard, but I could not have made this a business without my Hidden Meadows family. It was Hidden Meadows author Rhonda Hayes Curtis saying “I need a personal trainer,” and my neighbor and Manzanita Ridge Winery owner Denise Haase hosting my rst exercise class in her basement, that got the ball rolling. Then all of the amazing neighbors who helped me fill classes and inspired me to build my new studio. I now offer five weekly exercise classes and have worked one-on-one with over 30 people (75% from Hidden Meadows), and co-hosted workshops on emotional wellbeing with our local family-and-marriage therapist Gail Gerbie.

But the validation that I had indeed made the right choice happened early December when my students, clients and friends surprised me with a birthday party and a beautiful mosaic mandala for my new studio. They hand-crafted it themselves with the guidance of local artist and teacher Marsha Rafter. I was overcome by the realization that they cared enough to do that for me. I basked in their compliments, and my heart over owed when I heard how I had helped them get stronger, think differently about sugar, and feel healthier overall.

So, THANK YOU, Hidden Meadows, for helping a retired engineer follow her passion. I am running a business, but I hope that you know that my goal is to be a resource for this community to provide ways for you to exercise and get stronger, research how to cure your aches and pains, an and solutions to help you eat better and enjoy life.

On my website I have a special page for things to do in Hidden Meadows: Here you will find a tool that describes and shows the actual Google paths for my “Top Fitness Walks” in our area. Thanks to all who provided input. Please keep them coming, so we can enjoy many more walks around our beautiful neighborhood.

I also offer recipes that I personally love and that are healthy and delicious, health-and-fitness products that I use and recommend, and life-enhancing activities in our area.

Again, many thanks to the Hidden Meadows community for allowing me to serve as your health-and-fitness coach. As we begin a new year together, please know how very grateful I am for YOUR help in ful lling my dream!