Spring Gift Bags



Twice a year Nancy Ogrod puts out the call for soaps, shampoos and lotions that residents have gathered from their travels far and wide. The results are always amazing to see the generosity of our community. Many also donate tooth care items, deodorant, make up and just about every toiletry item there is. What we often take for granted lets someone know we care.

May 11th Chris Cassidy, Jody Granger, Linda Shreve, Cathy Nanz, Val Spearman, Pat Buntin, Zima Kashani, Sharon Cook, and Linda Kennedy gathered at Nancy’s home to fill the gift bags with our bounty.

Interfaith received 40 bags for women and 23 bags for men. So often the men are forgotten. Not so with Nancy and her crew. This time their bags were overflowing due to a generous donation by a member of the community. Hidden Valley House received 9 gift bags for women.

To live in our community is special. To work with this group who makes others feel special is incredible.

All too soon the Holidays will be upon us and Nancy will put out the call to arms. So keep collecting, it does make a difference.