Sew and So Ladies Group gathers at the Boulder Oaks Grill


Lisa Nunez and Jennifer Hill co-hosted the Sew and So Ladies September luncheon at the Boulder Oaks Bar and Grill. The staff, Ashley and Tyrone, prepared a lovely buffet table which offered a sandwich, soup, salad, lemonade, coffee and water, and Erica served drinks from the bar. It was fun to get back on our monthly schedule and we are all looking forward to our fall festivities. Most of our luncheons are held in the homes of our members but it was a treat for all of us to simply show up at the clubhouse and be served by the very friendly and kind staff.
The Sew and So group is made up of community volunteers who have worked especially hard over the years to make a difference in Hidden Meadows. Our motto is Food, Fun and Friendship with no agendas.
Although the Sew and So’s are not currently taking in new members, there are plenty of other social opportunities in Hidden Meadows. Check out Noe Silva’s article in this issue about the new social groups that are forming. Noe and I are co-chairs of the Social Group Committee, he representing the younger generation of residents and I the older end of the spectrum. We’d be happy to help you get connected. If you are interested or have questions, feel free to call either of us. You can reach me at or (760) 877-5555. Noe’s contact info is: and (858) 527-8385.