Sellers Faire in June was fun


June 10, second Saturday of the month, turned out to be a warm sunny day….thank goodness not hot! There were many vendors, some repeat and loyal vendors, like Karen with Scentsy, and Susan selling yummy baked goods, Sharon with her delightful plants, Joanne selling jewelry and watches and so many vendors. Great to see you again and again. We have become the Sellers Faire Family!

There were new vendors and we welcome them! Becky was selling her Fidget Spinners, Julie with Doterra jewels, Emma selling her Slime, and Nicole with crafts.

Another new vendor is Humble Colony, a family run business where they make all sorts of products from honey. I bought Honey Dandelion soap, and bees wax candles. They also sell Lavender and rose bath salt. I bought some of that for my family and, of course, myself. Again, this is a family affair, husband, wife and son. They also relocate bee hives!

It seems this Sellers Faire was the last for Steve Rogers as his tangerine trees have been picked clean. We look forward to next year for more of Steve’s delicious tangerines.

The special event part of the Faire, the Shred Truck joined us, parked at the end of the parking lot and I thought “Oh boy this is going to be too close to the Golf Club and the Faire participants and will make a lot of noise” They usually park  close to the street. But it was perfect!

Our Vets have a new truck! It is not as large as the old one, white and shiny, and the side pulls out when parked to make room for the shredder itself. AND it is quiet! So we had a steady stream of residents from our Community bringing boxes of documents and paper bags of documents, (I was a paper bag person) and the guys shredded away!

The Vets were very happy and so were we to get rid of sensitive documents in a safe way. Also, once again, there was no charge for their service. A big Thank You to our Vets for their service in the Military and their service to us!

Yes there is a Sellers Faire in July

The date for the Faire is July 8. And the focus is on DOGS!!! Yes Dr. Elizabeth Benson will be giving vaccinations to our beloved dogs. Bring your doggie down to the Faire, an easier trip rather then driving down the hill and to your vet.

The vaccinations are not free, but bring your dogs down to the Fair and let them get acquainted with the other dogs in the neighborhood. I love to watch their personalities as they meet a new doggie friend!

Of course we will have our usual vendors and some new vendors. Come take a look, bring your cash and treat yourself to something special…or something special for a friend.


Call me, Tania at 760 877-8777.

Garage Sale in August

Sellers Faire in August is on the 12th. And it is our favorite and most successful Faire. Clean out your closets, your attics, your garages, and bring your “stuff” to the Faire. Make someone happy and make a little cash for yourself!

All vendors are welcome, not just vendors with their garage sale goods.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Faire, bring a friend, visit with neighbors, and make new friends.


Call Tania at 760 877-8777.