Garden Club to hold annual planning meeting


The Garden Club’s annual planning meeting will be held January 20, 10 a.m. at the home of Frances & Norman Munk, 10231 High Mountain Dr.

This is the club’s yearly planning meeting where members plan the month- ly events for 2017.

A member gave us a little capsule history of the club: “We are a group that was formed in the Meadows in 1993. It includes both men and women and currently consists of 43 families who reside in Rimrock, Hidden Meadows Ranch, Jesmond Dene, and even a couple in the Lilac area and Lake Wol- ford.”

Some folks are skilled in landscape design, some in annual plants, some in succulent growing, some in vegetable gardening and some have varied interests. A few don’t garden at all but they are interested in the garden club events. Regardless of what category you fall into, you are welcome to participate, to learn new things or just socialize with a group of great people.

Yearly dues are $10 per family. Bene ts include monthly email announce- ments, workshop supplies and more.

For more information call club Treasurer/Secretary, Lisa Lonsdale at 760- 749-8723 or email her at