Garden Club News



Mother Nature intervened in the club’s plan to meet on January 20, by dumping a record amount of rain on our community.  Due to heavy rains and wind, it was decided that the meeting be postponed until January 27, when the weather would be dry.  It WAS held at the same place, the home of Frances and Norman Munk.  Unfortunately, the postponement prevented us from printing our new schedule in this edition of the paper, therefore, it will be printed in the March edition.

Notes of interest:  In 1993, when the club was first formed it was called the Green Thumb Club and consisted of 19 members.  Today, the club has grown to 53 families, amounting to almost 100 adult members.  Participation at the events range widely, from 15 people to over 40, depending on the subject matter of the event.  Events vary, from nursery and garden tours to hands-on workshops, such as birdhouse building, wreath-making and container planting.

If you have any interest in gardening or landscaping design, there might be something for you by becoming part of our great group of people.  The yearly dues are only $10 per family and are used for supplies at the workshops, food and drinks at the meetings and annual potluck and admission to paid venues, such as the San Diego Botanical Gardens.  If you are interested in joining or just want information about the group, please contact Lisa at 760-749-8723 or email at