Battle the achy knee blues this summer!


By Amy Van Liew

I can feel it before it happens.  I plan my work out for a new client, we warm up and then I ask them to do a squat; one of the best exercises to build muscles in the legs and butt.    I show them the proper form and as soon as we start I hear those dreaded words, “My knees hurt”.   This is the top complaint I get and unfortunately I can relate.  Years of running and my age has brought on osteoarthritis, or “wear-and-tear arthritis,” the most common cause of knee pain.

If your knees HURT it’s best to consult your doctor to make sure it isn’t something more severe but if they are achy my research of top orthopedic surgeons suggest these four lifestyle choices to help preserve these load-bearing joints so you can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle .

1. Keep weight in a healthy range.  “The single most important thing everyone can do to preserve the health of their knees is to keep weight in a healthy range.” says Dr. Susan Jordan, Orthopedic surgeon at Piedmont.

2. Engage in a regular exercise routine. When you give into your pain and become sedentary, this often leads to other health issues.  It might not make sense but many of my clients experience less pain when they start exercising regularly.  Low impact exercise is the best; walking, bike riding, elliptical machines, swimming or exercising in a pool.

3. Incorporate weight training into your exercise program. Weight training keeps muscles strong and stabilizes joints.

4. Wear supportive shoes with good arch support. Proper footwear provides a stable foundation for the rest of your body.

Listen up Hidden Meadows Residents that can relate to achy knees.  I am here and have several solutions to help:

Aqua Aerobics Classes start the middle of June. Come join us this year for a cool, fun and knee friendly way to work those muscles this summer.

Motion is Lotion for your Joints class will continue on Mondays at 5 pm.   This very popular class provides gentle exercise for your core, stretch and foam rolling.

Total Body Conditioning is an excellent way to strengthen those leg muscles and I know how to adapt exercises for your achy knees.

Monday morning Cardio and Core is a great low impact way to sweat off those calories.

Need help with losing weight – Using my Engineering Problem-solving skills let me help you uncover your nutrition obstacles and find lasting solutions!

Again, think of me as your resource and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me; or via my website