A Moveable Feast



 Peking Wok

“I love Chinese Food.

My favorite is number 27.”

~ Clement Attlee, former British P.M.

In 1975, almost immediately after the fall of Saigon, the first wave of what would become a million refugees, fled Vietnam by boat. Two among these “huddled masses” were Peter and Jan Sam.

After a sojourn in Hong Kong, they ended up in the U.S. and ultimately in Bonsall, where they opened the Peking Wok restaurant in 2006. Located in the River Village Shopping Center at the junction of Hwy. 76 and Mission Blvd., they serve a perfect blend of mandarin and cantonese dishes, seasoned with local tastes.

The sizzling rice soup, like all chinese soups, is a clear broth combining rice, noodles, vegetables and meat, while the “Ginger in Scallion Steamed Fish” is a quintessential cantonese dish and one of my favorites. “Peter’s Chicken” — crispy in a light garlic sauce with steamed broccoli — is another. All the typical chinese dishes are there as well, from a variety of Lo Mein combos to Mu Shu Pork (the chinese version of a burrito).

A piano player entertains every night, with all the standards, from Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmichael (doesn’t Skylark just rip your heart out!) to the Beatles.

In summary, when you’re hungry for a number 27 — or any other integers — try the Peking Wok.

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