A Movable Feast


“What spices do you use in your pho (pronounced ‘fuh’)?” I asked when the perky waitress served us steaming bowls of the stuff. She laughed. “I don’t know. I don’t cook! My husband does all the cooking.” My eyes watered at the irony. More was forthcoming.
Although pho is a simple rice noodle soup, typically served with chicken, pork or thin slices of beef, the broth is incredibly layered and complex, with the taste of a half-dozen or more spices.
With chop sticks and a spoon, my wife Marilyn and I eagerly dug into it. Failure! We couldn’t manhandle the thin, 12-18 inch long noodles. Rescue! The waitress appeared again with — what else — scissors! After some minor surgery to downsize the noodles, we successfully devoured our meal. It was delicious.
Pho Truc Xanh is located in Escondido at 503 W. Mission at the corner with Center City Parkway. The building is trimmed in green. (Truc xanh means green bamboo, I’ve been told). The decor is Southeast Asian: well-lit, bright, and as complex as the pho itself. Statues of Buddha, with dollar bills taped to his belly, are stationed around the room and the walls are festooned with photos of various menu items.
The menu itself features a mix of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes — again, with their photos. I particularly enjoyed the crispy vegetable egg rolls, the pho with chicken and the Mongolian Beef.
In sum, Pho Truc Xanh offers excellent food, reasonable prices, generous portions, friendly service, and a bright, interesting décor. And you can choose your dinner from the menu – or off the walls!