Women’s Social Group: More Than Just a Gab Fest


Get a bunch of women together, fill them up with wine and good food, and what do you get? Well, with the Hidden Meadows Women’s Social Group, you get non-stop conversation and laughter. It’s not just a bunch of silly chatter or superficial interactions, however.
Meeting once a month has given us a chance to really get to know each other and to develop genuine friendships. Attendance tends to be around 20 or so, and it’s not always the same gals, so we have lots of opportunities to connect with new people. There are no cliques and the vibe is always friendly and welcoming.
Each month the party is hosted by a different member of the group. We’ve gone to homes all across Hidden Meadows and each one has been unique. In the process, we’ve learned about our community and have been inspired by each other’s different styles of landscaping and decorating.
The party at Sima Kashani’s home on September 14 was no exception. Her house sits on the top of a hill with a commanding view of much of Hidden Meadows. It was fun to stand on her deck and try to figure out where we each lived in the panorama below. The home was decorated inside and out with an eclectic assortment of artifacts from Sima and her husband’s worldwide travels. I was particularly enchanted by two statues carved out of lava. Sima explained that the pieces, which depicted three youngsters enjoying themselves in an idyllic seaside setting, were intended to represent the Kashani’s own three children.
As always, the conversation over dinner was free-flowing and educational. I sat with Sima, her sister and a friend who had lived in Hidden Meadows until recently. All three were born in Iran and had fascinating stories about growing up in that country and emigrating to America. It was very interesting to talk about the differences and similarities in our life experiences. One delightful piece of information I learned from my new friends was a technique for drinking the juice out of an unpeeled pomegranate. I had never even thought about trying that before!
If you would like to spend time with a group of really nice women who love to talk, try out the Women’s Social Group. Send your contact information to hmwsg92026@gmail.com and we’ll put you on the distribution list for our monthly invitations.