What’s with all the signs?


As events sponsored by the Hidden Meadows Community Foundation (HMCF) occur, signs are erected by the intersection of Mountain Meadow Road and Hidden Meadows Road so the everyone in Hidden Meadows and Rimrock can be reminded of the event as they enter the community. Typically, the events are advertised in the Hidden Meadows News, the Town Crier (hmtowncrier@yahoo.com) and nextdoor.com as well. In the past signs were posted at the four-way stop, but a significant number of the residents use Hidden Meadows Road as their most direct route, so they don’t drive by that intersection. Professional signs cost $40 each and with at least ten events per year, the cost would add up. A volunteer makes the signs for free at this time. When the median beautification project is complete and future donations to the HMCF allow, the Foundation will purchase more professional signs to advertise upcoming events.