The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone….


Did you know that the way you walk can cause pain in your neck?
First, let me boast a bit and share that I am now a Corrective Exercise Specialist. In my quest to help clients with the aches and pains of life and a strong desire to understand our bodies better I decided to take this intensive course. I am overcome with geeky joy at all the cool things I learned, especially how interconnected parts of our bodies are and how small deviations can cause big pains.
So how can walking be the cause of neck pain? Many of us overpronate (or collapse our foot inward) when we walk which can cause our knees to bend inward, which can then cause our hips to rotate forward which can then cause us to round our shoulders to compensate which can then cause us to bend our head upward to see straight ahead which can lead to neck pain. (Yes, I am being over dramatic but these deviations can cause problems if we do them day in and day out)
Try this test in the mirror:
Take off your shoes and socks and rolls your pants up so you can see your knees
With your feet straight forward, look at your knee placement as you roll your feet inward and outward.
Now keep your feet rolled inward (or pronated) and bend your knees. Notice how your knees bend inward.
Now try this with your feet rolled slightly outward (towards the sides of your feet or neutral). Your knees should go straight forward.
Overpronation is due to people wearing unsupportive shoes, having weak legs, tight muscles and walking on flat, hard surfaces. All of these contribute to changes in the soft tissue structures of the feet which can’t support us as they should.
People come to me to get healthy with exercise or nutrition but if they are in pain it is difficult to make much progress. With simple techniques such as self-massage, stretching and strengthening you can work to align the structures of your body to overcome the abuse of daily living and get relief from your pain.
If you are one of the many who just can’t seem to stick to or are scared to start an exercise program, let me help. Based on a thorough structural assessment, I can recommend exercises to carefully correct imbalances that can be done in the comfort of your home. Come see me and let’s discuss the different options I have to help you restore correct posture, gain good body mechanics and with diligent work, relieve your pain.
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Hope you have a “pain free” and healthy Thanksgiving.