Social life in the Meadows


Interest in social groups is growing

By Noe Silva

Over the last couple of months, Mary Friel and I have been reaching out to tell people about the benefits of being part of a “social group” here in Hidden Meadows.  The social group concept is simply a way to connect residents who are interested in meeting new people and building friendships within the community.

Several social groups already exist, and Mary and I are co-chairing a committee to help create more.  We had a booth at the 4th of July picnic to collect names of potential participants and also held an informal gathering at the Oaks Grill on July 28.  Several people signed up and we are beginning to put together plans for the new groups.

If you are interested in being added to the list of potential social group participants, please email or text me your contact information (name, email address & phone number) and any info you might like to share about your interests.  My email is and phone is (858) 527-8385.