Mailed Ballots Coming for Road Maintenance


  Division Zone 102 Assessment Increase, YES Vote Urged


For all Hidden Meadows property owners with properties located north of the “End County Maintained Road” sign posted on Mountain Meadow Road, as well as properties located within the Rim Rock project: A letter from the County of San Diego will be mailed, explaining the need to increase the benefit assessment within the Permanent Road Division (PRD) Zone 102.

PRD 102 Mountain Meadows maintains 6.24 miles of rural roadways including 19 named roads.  All 19 roads within the PRD are private roads and are maintained on your behalf through a benefit assessment on your property tax bill.  The PRD has not requested an increase in the benefit assessment in 13 years.

The County’s preventive maintenance coordinator has identified areas within the PRD that require specific road work, including future culvert maintenance, structural road repair, and a complete roadway seal.  The County has estimated the cost to complete this PRD maintenance at $700,000 to $725,000.  On or about April 10, 2017, the County will be mailing a ballot to obtain your feedback as to whether or not you approve of an estimated increase of $75 to $150 per benefit unit to fund the much needed road work.  Your marked ballot must be received by the County no later than April 25, 2017 in order to be counted.

If the increase is approved, it is projected that the road maintenance that begun last year can be completed in five to six years, instead of 13-14 years.  Our roads are critical to our property access as well as to maintaining property values.  We must protect both elements now and in the future.  The cost of road work is rising faster than we can do the appropriate maintenance, and we need your vote to assess ourselves these additional funds to keep up with vital maintenance.

The cost to improve and maintain your road is based on estimates developed by the County Preventative Maintenance Coordinator after inspecting your particular road.  The amount that will be indicated on your mailed ballot will be that maximum cost you will pay if the vote is approved.  Most property owners currently pay $150 per year through their County Property Tax Bill for PRD102 Mountain Meadows.  If the assessment is passed, it is anticipated that most property owners will pay $300 annually for PRD 102 Mountain Meadows.

The Citizen’s Road Maintenance Committee urges your YES vote to keep this important road work timely.  Delaying an increase in the assessment may result in much higher cost in the future, as well as the potential for access problems induced by bad weather conditions.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact David McCollom, Chairperson of the Citizen’s Road Maintenance Committee, at (760) 749-3452, or Julie Kindel, County Preventative Maintenance Coordinator, at (619) 571-4255.