Last Sellers Faire of the year Saturday November 11 … 9am to 12 noon


Do you have Christmas decorations? Holiday decorations? Ornaments? Wrapping paper? And more stuff?
Bring it! This is your chance to sell your unwanted, overruns, and just too much stuff. Bring all your “stuff” to the golf course parking lot, across from the Deli, and set up shop. Everyone gets one parking space. So you can sell out of your car or unload and move your car to the street. You will have to bring your own tables etc. to display the items.
And you buyers come on down and take advantage of this opportunity to buy, at a great discount, Christmas decorations which you otherwise might not buy at retail prices!
In addition the Sellers Faire will feature the first annual HOLIDAY COOKIE EXCHANGE! Bring a dozen homemade cookies and exchange for a dozen of your choice. Pick and choose. This is a great way to sample cookies you might not have had before and share with your family. You can always freeze and have an additional dessert on your Thanksgiving table. Or give to a friend.
Last chance to bring and sell your unique garage sale items. Bring them to the Faire and make someone happy while making a little bit of money for yourselves. Looking forward to seeing some good “stuff” to buy!
Remember the date is Saturday November 11. It is Veterans Day. There will be flags to take home and put on your lawn to honor our military.
If you have questions, please give me a call, Tania Orlova, at 760 877-8777.