Foundation News

The dissolution of the Hidden Meadows ARO was effective December 31, 2016. 

ARO and Hidden Meadows Community Foundation (HMCF) Unify!

Have you ever wondered why there were two community-based organizations to support our community and wondered what the differences were between the ARO and the Foundation? Have you ever asked yourself which organization does what, what each group’s goals are, and why there are two organizations in the first place? Well, the problem has finally been solved now that majority of the former ARO board voted to dissolve their organization and fold all of their activities and events under the Hidden Meadows Community Foundation. Because the Foundation is a 501c3, all contributions you make will be tax deductible. What a win-win situation!

In order for all residents to understand the changes that are occurring, please attend one of the town hall meetings at the Pavilion where Foundation President, Wendy Smith-Rogers, will explain the exciting plans for 2017 as well as elicit your ideas, hopes, and dreams for our community. Three different times are scheduled so one will fit your schedule.

7:00 PM Wednesday, January 25

2:00 PM Friday, January 27

10:00 AM Saturday, January 28