Boulder Oaks Ladies Golf


By Mary Jo Moore


July 27: Criers. (Revert two worst holes to par and subtract full handicap.)  First place was Donna Williams with a net 65. Second place was a card off between Helena Kim and Gayle Beasley…both had a net 78…Gayle won by one point!  Helena was then third.

Aug 3: Low Net Ace. The Ace of the month for August was Ellen Koury with a net 62, Helen Kim was second and Queen with a net 69, and Donna Williams was third with a net 82.

Aug 10: O.N.E.S. (Count only holes that start with the letters O, N, E, S minus ½ handicap). Elissa Hamilton won first with a net 35.5. Sue Winje was second with a net 35.5 (card off). Ellen Koury was third with a net 36.

Aug 17:  Three Blind Mice. (Three holes are drawn by the chairman after all players have teed off. Deduct score of those three holes from gross and subtract full handicap. First place was Donna Williams with a net 62.5, second place was Ellen Koury with a net 64, and third place was Helena Kim with a net 67.


Last month we mentioned that Mike Scala, the new Director of Golf attended our general meeting. It was his first day of his new job. This month we got to meet the new Course Superintendent, Jim Ferrell.  August 10 was Jim’s first day in his job and he just happened to be at the pro shop when the ladies finished golf.  Welcome to both men and we wish them success at Boulder Oaks.

It is good to have one of our favorite players back on the course with us on Thursdays. Helena Kim is back playing with the ladies. We have missed you, Helena, welcome back.


Most Improved Golfer for the Month of July was Paulette Schoolcraft.  Paulette started with a hdcp of 24.1 and ended with a hdcp of 22.8.  Ellen Koury was second with a starting hdcp of 13.5 and ending with a hdcp of 12.9.