Boulder Oaks Ladies Golf


By Mary Jo Moore


June 22: T & F’s. Count holes that start with the letter T or F. Renee Neuzil was first place with a net 35. Second place was Ellen Koury with a net 36. And third place was Donna Williams with net 36.

June 29: Poker, net score plus of 5 best holes. First place was Renee Neuzil with a net 86. Second place, Sue Winje with a net 94. Third place was a tie between MaryJo Moore and Donna Williams. Both had 94’s.

July 6:  Only three players played today due to the heat!!! The winners were: From the Red tees  MaryJo had a 102. White tee  Donna Williams 105 and from the White combo tees, Barbara  Bell 110.

July 13: Sob Sister. Convert your worst par 5, par 4, and par 3 back to par. First place. Donna Williams from the white tees 61. Second Place from the red tees,  MaryJo Moore with a net 62 and third place, Elissa Hamilton from the white combo tees with a net 65.

July 20: Bargain Day. Revert your worst hole back to Par. First place was Ellen Koury from the white tees with a net 65. Second Place from red tees was Donna Huhn with a net 68 and third place was Donna Williams from the white combo tees with a net 70.


A bit of news from our general meeting held on July 13.  We welcome our latest new member, Brenda Vatsndal.

Janet Dopp announced the winners of the Ringer for the first four months. The winners were, Mary Jo Moore, first place; Elissa Hamilton, second place; and Dorothy Aleshire, third place. However, there was then much discussion about how the ringer rules will have to be changed to accommodate using three different tees. Janet and Ellen will have further discussions and come up with a solution. So for now temporary the above winners are “temporary”.

Our President, Ellen, introduced our special guest, Sylvester Lucas, the new Course Superintendent and an unexpected special guest, Mike Scala our new Director of Golf, who just started 3 day ago.

Sylvester stated that the renovation of #12 is 80% done. He has increased the number of employees working on maintaining the course from 4 to 8. The crew has been spraying for insects, working to improve the fairways, greens, and tee boxes. He also stated that in a couple of weeks the yardage markers should all be replaced. No date has been set to reseed at this time.


Mike said he was hired to bring in new business and increase play. He asked for our help and suggestions. Ellen stated that the yardage on the score cards for the women is wrong as well as the hole handicaps, and needs to be corrected. Mike said he would work with her to get it straightened out.




It’s that time again to report the Most Improved Golfer for the Month of June is again Ellen Koury. Her starting hdcp was 15.1and ended with a hdcp of 13.5!  And In second place is AGAIN Elissa Hamilton with a starting hdcp of 32.8 and ended with a hdcp of 31.3. Come on ladies, let’s at least try and give them a challenge!!