Beautification Projects to Be Discussed at Town Hall Meetings


The Hidden Meadows Community Foundation, along with the management team from Boulder Oaks Golf Course, will be holding three town hall meetings to update the community about the ongoing effort to upgrade the landscaping surrounding the main entrance to Hidden Meadows.
The meetings will be held in the Clubhouse at the Boulder Oaks Golf Course on the following dates:
Tuesday, 10/17 7pm
Saturday, 10/28 10 am
Tuesday, 11/14 7pm
Everyone wants to be proud of their neighborhood. We in Hidden Meadows live in a slice of heaven with wonderful people, amazing views, and the privacy that one doesn’t get in suburbia. Those who have lived here for more than a few years remember the lush entrance to the community that used to welcome you as you approached the four-way stop on Mountain Meadow Road. One of the reasons the area looked good was that the median had been landscaped approximately fifteen years ago with $30,000 in funding from the Association of Residents and Owners (ARO). The golf course had not yet eliminated the three holes closest to the four-way stop sign.
Over time, however, the median became overgrown and the native plants, which do not have a long lifespan, died. In addition, the golf course dramatically cut back on its landscaped areas in response to a multi-year drought. Local residents have become increasingly concerned about the unattractive appearance of the area, often expressing their frustration on social media and in other community forums.
Finding ways to beautify our area is a top priority for the Hidden Meadows Community Foundation Board. We created a “Median Beautification Committee” under the able leadership of Patrick Reilly and brought in a landscape architect to develop plans to create a more inviting and sustainable entrance. Volunteers on the committee have spent endless hours prioritizing the work that needs to be done.
We also have begun developing a collaborative relationship with both the management team at Boulder Oaks and the owners of the property at the corner of Meadow Mountain and Hidden Meadows Roads. We all believe that by working together we can create a much classier first impression for people entering our community.
Early this spring, the Foundation initiated a major fundraising drive to support the Foundation’s four goal areas, which include beautification, community events, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and scholarships. To date, we have raised a total of over $20,000. Approximately $6,000 of those contributions were designated by the donors specifically for beautification. After combining the designated funds with carryover from the now-defunct ARO, we currently have $20,000 to spend to the median project.
If any of you have landscaped your property in recent years, you are keenly aware of the time and cost of such projects. Clearly, it will take more than $20,000 to make the medians look great again. We are grateful that Boulder Oaks has stepped up to host a golf tournament on November 18 that will benefit the median project. Ongoing community support will still be needed. Only 20% of Hidden Meadows households contributed to the Foundation’s 2017 fundraising drive. Imagine what we could do if everyone contributed!
The upcoming town hall meetings have been scheduled in response to the questions and concerns residents have raised about the condition of the medians and surrounding areas. I will be co-hosting the meetings with Mike Skala, the new Director of Golf Operations at Boulder Oaks. Mike has been in his position for a very short time, yet has great ideas and, along with the owner Mr. Kim, is committed to making improvements to golf course property.
At the meetings, we will be sharing more details about our respective beautification projects and the timeline for completing them. Please choose one of the three times listed above and come out to get the facts about the things being done to enhance our neighborhood, and perhaps find out ways that you can help.