A Word from the President


With the input from the town hall meetings as to the priorities from community members, the board is busy creating a “to do” list as an organization and for the individual chairpersons for activities and events. Our team of volunteers is second to none in their expertise and passion for Hidden Meadows. They exude the energy it takes to accomplish our goals in each of their respective roles. It was clear at the town hall meetings that median beautification is a high priority. Patrick Reilly, the Chairperson for Beautification, is the person for the job. As the Golf Course Superintendent at Madeira Golf Course in Poway, he brings his expertise to us as he “envision(s) one heck of a median that would welcome all residents and guests as they enter Hidden Meadows.” Additionally, the Sellers’ Faire is ready to take off for another season on March 11, thanks to Tania Orlova. Sarah Sealey has written an advertisement for all graduating high school students who live in Hidden Meadows to apply for a scholarship from the Foundation. In the next edition you will hear from Christina Stendall about her efforts to coordinate a Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. Our only fundraising campaign of the year will begin mid-March, to make our collective hopes and dreams a reality.