A note from the HM Community Foundation President


By Wendy Smith-Rogers

It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through 2017.  After reflecting on all of the wonderful things that have happened in Hidden Meadows, I wanted to take a few moments to thank to the dozens of volunteers who made the events happen.  Special recognition goes to the following:

• Linda Shreve and her amazing committee did a great job on Annual Easter Egg, thrilling children with crafts, treats and a visit by the Easter Bunny.

• Jennifer Hill organized and advertised the community garage sale, bringing out crowds of bargain hunters despite a rainy day.

• Lisa Lonsdale and the Hidden Meadows Garden Club braved a similarly bad weather day to put on a lovely Garden Tour of six local homes.

• Sarah Sealy did a great job with the Foundation’s scholarships program.  This year we were able to award $1000 each to three graduating high school students.

• Sue Sciacca and her team organized the best Fourth of July parade and picnic ever! A record number of people attended.

• Lisa Wright and her committee put on a very well received series of Summer Movie Nights.  They have the implementation details down to a science now.

• Tanya Orlova coordinates the monthly Sellers’ Fair, which continues be a unique resource to our community.

• Sue Sciacca and Denise Haase have supported all of the event chairs with great ideas, contacts, donations and, most importantly, a smile.

• Susan Wolking has served as our liaison with Roadrunner Publications and has done a great job eliciting and editing articles for the Hidden Meadows News.

• The members of the Foundation Board — Sarah Sealey, Rob Enfield, Lisa Lonsdale, and Kim Riha — have been a wonderful team to work with and have done much to advance the goals and dreams of our organization and community.

By the way, some of you may not be aware of the imminent departure of two couples that have been long-time residents of Hidden Meadows.  Bill and Bonnie Pickens are in the process of moving to Portland to be closer to family members living in that area. John and Cindy Fitzgerald have built a home in Idaho and are looking forward to an exciting new chapter in their lives.  Both couples lived near my husband and me at the far north end of Hidden Meadows, and we were all part of a social group that we called “the end of the road gang.”  Over the years, the Pickens and Fitzgeralds have been actively involved in a variety community activities and helped make Hidden Meadows the inviting place it is to live.  They will be deeply missed by all.

The Hidden Meadows Community Foundation is thrilled that tax-free donations continue to arrive, particularly for the beautification of the medians. The Foundation is always open to ideas for new activities, as well as ways to improve the events we sponsor.  If you have suggestions, please feel free to contact the HMCF at hmcf92026@gmail.com.  We welcome your thoughts, but do know (wink, wink) that you may be asked to get involved.