A Moveable Feast: review of Lourdes



Do you ever get the urge for Mexican food when you are gassing up your car?

Not usually, huh?

But pull into the Shell Station on the south side of El Norte Parkway just past Seven Oaks Road and you just might! Tucked into a corner of the store is the take-out restaurant, Lourdes, home of the rightfully famous chicken soup.

My usual order is the soup and rolled tacos, along with the 87-octane gas. My friend, Steve, lived on this stuff for a week while recovering from the flu. Another friend, Jeff, deliberately broke his ankle to get regular deliveries of it by his wife.

This Lourdes shop opened seven years ago, and is an annex of the main store on south Escondido Boulevard, which has been a family business for almost 30 years. A third shop will open soon in Del Mar.

In addition to soup, which is served with a warm tortillas and salsa, they offer the full spectrum of delicious tacos, burritos, enchiladas and tortas. Most orders are take-out, but a few tables inside and more in the outdoor waiting area for car washes are available.

Think about it: delicious chicken soup and rolled tacos, a thankful of gas, and car wash entertainment. Why would you have it any other way?

* * *

Lourdes is located at 615 W El Norte Pkwy. Questions, or to place orders callĀ  760-746-1389.