A brand new social group for couples has been formed in Hidden Meadows


A friendly group of 5 couples recently came together to create the newest “Social Group” in Hidden Meadows. Neighborhood social groups have existed in this area for a number of years; it is one of the things that makes Hidden Meadows such a pleasant place to live. Like their predecessors, this newest group’s main purpose is to build friendships and have fun.
The new group’s inaugural meeting was held at the home of Dale and Diane Heath. Everyone brought an appetizer, salad, small entree and/or beverage for the potluck meal. The chemistry among participants was fantastic and there was a lot of enthusiasm as they talked about future gatherings. Diane Heath has volunteered to be the chairperson of the group, which plans to meet once a month.
The group has gotten started and there is still plenty of room for other couples. If you are interested in joining…or would like help starting a group of your own, please give a call to one of the HM Social Group Coordinators: Noe Silva at (858) 527-8385 or Mary Friel at (760) 877-5555.