Hidden Meadows Community Foundation Board

President: Wendy Smith-Rogers

Vice President: Sarah Sealy

  • Letter campaign, annual fundraising
  • Scholarships

Secretary: Kim Riha

  • Volunteer list

Treasurer: Lisa Lonsdale

Non-voting members:

Chairperson, Community Events: Susan Sciacca and Denise Haase

  • Sellers’ Faire: Tania Orlova
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Linda Shreve
  • Garage Sale: Jennifer Hill
  • Fourth of July: Susan Sciacca
  • Trunk or Treat: Erin Amos
  • Turkey Trot: Linda Shreve
  • Toys for Tots: Andrea Goodwin
  • Progressive Dinner: Denise Haase
  • Christmas Decorations: Noe Silva
  • Christmas Caroling: Denise Haase
  • Social Groups: Noe Silva
  • Artisan Guild: Wendy Smith-Rogers
  • Welcome Committee: LeEtta Rudolph
  • Movie Nights: Lisa Wright

Chairperson, Neighbors helping Neighbors: Christina Stendall

Chairperson, Communications: Susan Wolking

  • Hidden Meadow News
  • Website

Chairperson, Beautification:  Pat Reilly

  • Medians
  • Wilderness Park


  • Bill Pickens
  • Sharon Cook